Corporate Information

About Us

Our Group is a pachinko hall operator in Japan. As at 16th April 2018, we have 18 pachinko halls, with a particular focus in the Kyushu region.

Our customers come to our halls to play pachinko and pachislot games, one of the most popular forms of entertainment for adults in Japan.

We opened our first pachinko hall in Nagasaki in 1968, in which our headquarters has since been located.
Building on our success in the Kyushu region, we expanded into the Kanto region in 2003, the Kansai region in 2012 and the Chugoku region in 2016.

We intend to further expand our geographic coverage and eventually become a nationwide pachinko hall operator in Japan.

Company Profile

Company Name Okura Holdings Limited
Incorporated 2015
Chief Executive Officer, Chairman Katsuya YAMAMOTO
Executive Directors
  • Katsuya YAMAMOTO
  • Fumihide HAMADA
  • Yutaka KAGAWA
  • Toshiro OE
Independent Non-executive Directors
  • Mitsuru ISHII
  • Kazuyuki YOSHIDA
Headquarters in Japan 7/F, 13-10 Motofunamachi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, 850-0035 Japan
Registered Office in Hong Kong 11/F, Admiralty Centre Tower II, 18 Harcourt Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong
Principal Bankers
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Saga Branch
  • Shinwa Bank, Sumiyoshi Branch
  • The Eighteenth Bank, Ltd., Sumiyoshi Branch
Principal Business Activities Pachinko and pachislot hall operation, property rental, and others.


1968 Opened Monaco Hall, commonly known as “Monaco Sumiyoshi Honten”, in Nagasaki
  • Our Chairman joined the management of Monaco Sumiyoshi Honten
  • Our Chairman incorporated K's Co., Ltd. (renamed as Okura Co., Ltd. in April 2012)
  • Opened Togitsu Monaco (which was strategically closed in July 2005) in Togitsu, Nagasaki
1986 Opened Monaco Shower (renamed as Big Apple Togitsu in December 2000) in Togitsu, Nagasaki
1995 Opened our first pachinko hall outside Nagasaki in Kyushu region
2001 Our Chairman, Katsuya Yamamoto, became the president of our Group
2003 Opened Big Apple. Akihabara, our first hall in Kanto region
2005 Operated a total of 18 pachinko halls in Kyushu and Kanto regions
  • Changed corporate name of Okura Japan from K's Co., Ltd. to Okura Co., Ltd.
  • Acquired 100% issued shares in Aisen Co., Ltd., which operated the pachinko hall IKOKA Kakogawa (renamed as Big Apple. Kakogawa in July 2013) in Kakogawa, Hyogo and it is our first pachinko hall in Kansai region
  • Incorporation of our Company
  • Acquisition of Aratoru and Adward, being the contractors of, amongst other things, our Group’s marketing, advertising and human resources management functions, to centralise our key operational functions
  • Completed the reorganization upon which all assets and corporate entities belonging to our Group became wholly owned by our Company
2016 Opened Big Apple. Shunan, being the first pachinko hall in Chugoku region operated by our Group
2017 Opened Big Apple. Dejima